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Books in the SRJC Libraries on oil painting relevant to the work of artist Marsha Connell.


Wolf Kahn PastelsWolf Kahn Pastels

Wolf Kahn is one of this country's best-loved contemporary artists. His brilliantly colored landscapes in oil have placed him at the forefront of American representational art. Many collectors equally prize his luminous pastels, the subject of this delightful new book. With more than 100 colorplates illustrating his brief, breezy essays, Kahn reveals his distinctive approach to working in this medium. Offering a rare glimpse into the way an artist thinks and why he works the way he does, Kahn's musings about the creative process bring a number of key issues to life for artists, students, and art lovers, and make the book a valuable supplementary text for pastel classes.

Doyle and Mahoney Libraries Call Number: NC139.K27 A35 2000


Helen Frankenthaler: Prints Helen Frankenthaler: Prints

This survey exhibition consisted of 77 prints and related drawings from the holdings of the National Gallery of Art, and loans from the artist's archive and other collections. The show included works from 1961, the year the artist first experimented with printmaking, through 1992. The exhibition was organized by the National Gallery of Art. Ruth E. Fine, curator of modern prints and drawings, was the exhibition curator.

Doyle and Mahoney Libraries Call Number: NE539.F68 A4 1993


The Encyclopedia of Oil Painting TechniquesThe Encyclopedia of Oil Painting Techniques

Many would-be painters are intimidated by oil paints -- the medium of masters like Rembrandt and Picasso. However, oils are a very forgiving medium, ideal for the beginning painter. Learn how to build up a painting, how and when to work "wet into wet", and how to make your brushwork describe forms and textures. Discover the secrets of mixing oil with other media, mixing paint with sand and sawdust, and applying it with rags, knives, or your fingers. Then watch artists apply these techniques in a section of demonstrations, where step-by-step photographs show you approaches to themes like architecture, still-life, figures, and landscape.

Doyle Library Call Number: ND1500 .G34 1997


Artist's Manual: A Complete Guide to Painting and Drawing Materials and TechniquesArtist's Manual: A Complete Guide to Painting and Drawing Materials and Techniques

This is a hands-on guide to hundreds of techniques for painting and drawing. For anyone who has ever had the urge to create art, this easy-to-use manual explains the artist's essential tools and materials -- how to choose them, how to use them, and how to care for them. Packed with information on myriad techniques, from color use and composition to subject choice, and including tips from the professionals, here's everything painters and illustrators need to begin, develop, and perfect their craft. Over 500 color photographs, 200 original works of art, and an extensive list of suppliers complete the most comprehensive, inspirational, and affordable artists' instruction book available today.

Doyle Library Call Number: N7430 .A739 1996


Spirit of Place: Spirit of Place: Contemporary Landscape Painting & the American Tradition

This is an examination of the realist tradition in contemporary American landscape painting, which the author sees as the only form of visual expression that has remained a constant link in American art, from the late 19th-century work of Frederic E. Church, through to the present day. After surveying the predecessors, including Homer, Burchfield and O'Keeffe, and a new generation with Fairfield Porter, Alex Katz and Neil Welliver, the author devotes chapters to the various formal approaches of the painters of the 1970s and 1980s. The book makes both art historical and critical points, and is a survey of the best in American landscape in the second half of the twentieth century.

Doyle Library Call Number: ND1351.6 .A78 1989


Big Book of Painting Nature in OilThe Big Book of Painting Nature in Oil

This book provides 135 demonstrations in painting trees, skies, and water from beautiful photographs by one of the world’s leading nature photographers. The 600 illustrations and engaging text cover the entire range of oil painting techniques and give the artist in-depth instruction in painting beautiful images of the natural world in all seasons, weather, geographical variety, and at every time of day. Many of the lessons are followed by assignments designed to help you apply what you have just learned to new situations.

Mahoney Library Call Number: ND1500 .S2425 1991


Facing EdenFacing Eden

The San Francisco Bay Area boasts one of the richest and most continuous traditions of landscape art in the entire country. Looking back over the past one hundred years, the contributors to this in-depth survey consider the diverse range of artists who have been influenced by the region's compelling union of water and land, peaks and valleys, and fog and sunlight. Among the more than two hundred works of art are those by well-known artists and designers such as Bernard Maybeck, Diego Rivera, Dorothea Lange, Ansel Adams, Richard Diebenkorn, Joan Brown, Lawrence Halprin, and Christo. Lesser-known artists are here as well, resulting in an exceptional array of approaches to the natural environment. The essays also explore key themes in the Bay Area's landscape art tradition, including the ethnic perspectives that have played an essential role in the region's art.

Doyle and Mahoney Libraries Call Number: ND1351.5 .N29 1995


Learning to Paint in OilLearning to Paint in Oil

The emphasis in this book is not on completing a finished painting, but on how to select and use the right materials for the right project, along with practical solutions to common artists' problems. Topics are treated in the form of easy-to-follow step-by-step directions. These volumes are valuable reference sources, both for the art classroom and for use by self-teaching hobbyists. Twenty-six concise sections describe oil paints, canvases, brushes, palettes, palette knives, easels, paint boxes, and related tools. Other topics covered in these sections include paint mixing and thinning, use of different brushes to achieve various effects, selecting pigments for a balanced palette, blending colors on the canvas, as well as controlling line and shape with brushwork.

Doyle Library Call Number: ND1473 .P3713 1997