Locating Textbooks

The SRJC Libraries do not generally buy textbooks for SRJC classes, but instructors often send copies of their textbooks to put "on reserve" in one or both of the libraries. This means that use of the book is restricted in some way (usually "in-library use only") so that all students in the class get a chance to use the book.

These books are kept at the Reserve Desk on the fourth floor of the Doyle Library or at the Circulation Desk in the Mahoney Library. To find out if your textbook is in either library, look in the catalog. Search for your textbook by course number (Psych 1A, Econ 5, etc.) or by your instructor's last name. If you find the book listed, write down the call number for the book and take it to the fourth floor Reserve Desk (Doyle Library) or the Circulation Desk (Mahoney Library) so that the library staff will know where to look for the book.

If the bookstores are out of your textbook, be sure to ask your instructor if an extra copy is available that may be put on reserve in one of the College libraries.