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Books and videos in the SRJC Libraries relevant to the work of artist Corrine Haverinen.


Washi: The World of Japanese PaperWashi: The World of Japanese Paper

The papers discussed in this book are made of kozo, mitsumata, and gampi, and are characteristically Japanese. By concentrating on the basic fiber and treating it without adulterations, Japan has achieved papers of exceptional purity and strength. The papers of kozo, the inner bark of the paper mulberry tree, is exceptionally so. Washi means "Japanese paper." A section of the book studies the nature of Japanese tradition and the place of the unknown craftsman, which the Mingei movement celebrates. Mingei is hand manufacture of articles of common use made under other conditions than today's.

Doyle Library Call Number: TS1095.J3 H78


Creating Textures in Pen and Ink with WatercolorCreating Textures in Pen and Ink with Watercolor

The author shows you how to turn ink and watercolors into the coarse-barked trunk of an oak, or the burnished smoothness of brass, or the verdant velvet of moss. Or any of many other things. She shows you how to use dots, fine lines, brushstrokes, black and white, color—a mixture of mediums and techniques—to suggest everything from glass, cast iron, adobe and brick, driftwood, leaf textures, basketry, rainbows, wood grain, distant trees, and dozens of other textures. Readers will learn how to use materials, from technical pens to paint brushes, colored inks to liquid acrylics. The book also addresses ways to blot, spatter, stamp and otherwise alter and combine ink and watercolor for exciting texturing effects.

Doyle Library Call Number: NC905 .N52 1995

Drawing with InkDrawing with Ink: History and Modern Techniques

This is a book entirely devoted to ink drawing. It teaches by displaying and discussing dozens of ink masterpieces of the past centuries, then allowing the reader to look over the author's shoulder as he draws. Since ink not only permits but encourages experimentation and individuality, the book would not be complete without some participation from the reader, and so a selection of five projects is provided to get the reader started and give familiarity with basic techniques..

Doyle Library Call Number: NC905 .L27


The Art of PapermakingThe Art of Papermaking

A lucid introduction to papermaking as a contemporary art. Includes technical descriptions of the processes, materials, and techniques involved in the papermaking process. This is an essential book for all papermakers and paper artists. Content is well presented to interest beginners but with plenty of expansion, illustrations and clear discussion for those who are more experienced in the art of papermaking.

Doyle Library Call Number: TS1109 .T596 1983