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25 Years of Mezzotints, 1975-200025 Years of Mezzotints, 1975-2000

This work is an illustrated catalogue raisonne of Holly Downing's mezzotints from 1975-2000. It includes an introduction by Robert Flynn Johnson, an artist's statement, a bibliography, and a catalogue of mezzotints.
"The Mezzotint is similar to a copper engraving, except that the subtle qualities of the Mezzotint are achieved with tone rather than line. the artist spends many hours 'rocking' a copper plate with a mezzotint rocker until the plate has thousands of tiny holes, each with a bit of raised copper burr that holds a tremendous amount of ink. A fully rocked plate prints a rich velvety black unparalleled in any other print medium. To obtain an image, the artist scrapes the surface of the plate, variously lowering the levels of the burrs so they will hold less ink and thereby yield gradations of dark and light." - Artist's statement.

Doyle and Mahoney Libraries Call Number: NE1816.5.D69 A4 2001


The Mezzotint: History and TechniqueThe Mezzotint: History and Technique

The author follows mezzotint from its invention to the present. This book moves from an introduction and a discussion of the earliest practitioners of the art to their experiments with various tools and techniques to achieve a suitable ground on which to develop the image. The author considers and labels two principal approaches to mezzotint and engraving: The "additive approach" and the "deductive process."

Doyle Library Call Number: NE 1815 .W38 1990

Penumbrae: Paintings & MezzotintsPenumbrae: Paintings & Mezzotints

Published on the occasion of an exhibition held at the Fresno Art Museum, Sept. 10, 2010-Jan. 9, 2011. Forward by curator Linda Cano; essays by New York critic Donald Kuspit and San Francisco print curator emeritus Robert Flynn Johnson.

Doyle and Mahoney Libraries Call Number: NE1816.5.D69 A4 2010