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Joseph Beuys : actions, vitrines, environmentsJoseph Beuys: Actions, Vitrines, Environments

Joseph Beuys, a German sculptor and performance artist, became one of the most influential figures in modern and contemporary art. His charismatic presence, extraordinary life, and unconventional artistic style (incorporating ritualized movement and sound, and materials such as fat, felt, earth, honey, blood, and even dead animals) gained him international notoriety during the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. The artist's innovative influence is particularly felt in the field of sculpture, whose definition he expanded to encompass performance art, vitrine cases, and site-specific environments. This illustrated book investigates his sculpture, arguably the most fundamental portion of his artistic work, as well as his extraordinary influence. Featured objects include a stunning selection of his remarkable vitrines and many other sculptural projects that frequently served as physical documentation for Beuys’s performances.

Mohaney Library Call Number: NX550.Z9 B482 2004


Paul Celan: poet, survivor, Jew Paul Celan: Poet, Survivor, Jew

Paul Celan, Europe's most compelling postwar poet, was a German-speaking, East European Jew. His writing exposes and illumines the wounds that Nazi destructiveness left on language. John Felstiner's sensitive and accessible book is the first critical biography of Celan in any language. It offers new translations of well-known and little-known poems-including a chapter on Celan's famous "Deathfugue"-plus his speeches, prose fiction, and letters. The book also presents hitherto unpublished photos of the poet and his circle. Drawing on interviews with Celan's family and friends and his personal library in Normandy and Paris, as well as voluminous German commentary, Felstiner tells the poet's gripping story: his birth in 1920 in Romania, the overnight loss of his parents in a Nazi deportation, his experience of forced labor and Soviet occupation during the war, and then his difficult exile in Paris. The life's work of Paul Celan emerges through readings of his poems within their personal and historical matrix. At the same time, Felstiner finds fresh insights by opening up the very process of translating Celan's poems.

Doyle Library Call Number: PT2605.E4 Z599 2001


Ancient Texans: rock art and lifeways along the Lower Pecos Ancient Texans: Rock Art and Lifeways Along the Lower Pecos

Reconstructs the life of the prehistoric inhabitants of Texas and describes Texas archaeological efforts. This book tells the story of the people who lived in west Texas along the Pecos River thousands of years ago.

Discover how modern archaeologists learned about this hunting and gathering society through the tools and objects they left behind.

Doyle Library Call Number: E78.T4 S43 1986



Pagan ScandinaviaPagan Scandinavia

In this book, the author puts forth a tentative picture of the development of Scandinavian pagan religion, from neolithic through Viking times. She draws on a variety of disciplines from history of religions to archaeology and textual studies. The book provides a wealth of information about religious objects from the stone age through the Viking ages.

Doyle Library Call Number: BL860 .D38 1967


African rock art: paintings and engravings on stoneAfrican Rock Art: Paintings and Engravings on Stone

"It was like entering an obscure art gallery and stumbling across a Renoir." That was how British photographer David Coulson described the wonder and astonishment he experienced upon first gazing at an engraving of two majestic 20-foot-tall giraffes carved into stone in Niger's Air Mountains -- among the largest prehistoric engravings ever found. Readers will share his awe in the pages of this breathtaking volume, the first comprehensive illustrated book on Africa's rock art from prehistoric times to the 20th century. Covering the entire continent, this magnificently illustrated book contains more than 200 full-color photographs of Africa's rock art, together with historical and interpretive analysis. Coulson and former museum director Alec Campbell scoured the remotest areas of Africa in their efforts to raise public awareness of the variety, importance, and frailty of these extraordinary works, many of which are endangered by erosion, theft, and vandalism.

Doyle Library Call Number: GN861 .C68 2001


Myths and symbols in pagan Europe: early Scandinavian and Celtic religionsMyths and Symbols in Pagan Europe: Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions

Most people know of Valhalla, the World-Tree and the gods of Norse mythology, or the strange hunts and voyages of the ancient Irish tales. Yet, few people realize the significance of the similarities and contrasts between the religions of the pre-Christian people of north-western Europe. The Celts and Germans and Scandinavians had much in common in their religious practices and beliefs, and this is the first serious attempt that has been made to compare them. There are striking resemblances in their ideas about battle-goddesses and protective spirits, holy places, sacrificial rituals, divination and ideas about the Other World; and Myths and symbols in pagan Europe poses questions like: do such parallels go back to early times or are they owing to late Viking contact?In this book, questions are posed such as: do such parallels go back to early times or are they owing to late Viking contact? This issue gives us knowledge of the early peoples in Europe.

Doyle Library Call Number: BL 860 .D37 1988


Canyon de Chelly, its people and rock artCanyon de Chelly, its People and Rock Art

With the exception of the Grand Canyon itself, none of the great gorges of the American Southwest is more uniquely beautiful than Canyon de Chelly, with its sheer red cliffs and innumerable prehistoric Indian dwellings. Of all the important centers of prehistoric Anasazi culture, only this magnificent canyon shows an unbroken record of settlement for more than 1,000 years. In this liberally illustrated book, rock art authority Campbell Grant examines four aspects of the spectacular canyon: its physical characteristics, its history of human habitation, its explorers and archaeologists, and its countless rock paintings and petroglyphs. Grant surveys 96 sites in the two main canyons and offers an interpretation of the rock art found there.

Doyle Library Call Number: E78.A7 G72


Navajo sandpainting: from religious act to commercial artNavajo Sandpainting: From Religious Act to Commercial Art

This lavishly illustrated, richly tabled book considers Navajo sandpaintings, a subject about which the author is exceedingly knowledgeable. In seven formal chapters a reader learns about Navajo traditional ephemeral sandpaintings as items in curing or blessing sings and about their transformation into fixed forms both in weaving and, the crux of the book, on wooden backings to which dry, pulverized materials are affixed. Parezo gathered data over several years in brief stays with merchants and Navajos as well as through examination of museum collections; she looked at over 10,000 sandpaintings, of which over 1800 were photographed.

Doyle Library Call Number: E99.N3 P35 1983