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Richard Diebenkorn: the Berkeley years, 1953-1966 Richard Diebenkorn: The Berkeley Years, 1953-1966

In the 1950s American painter Richard Diebenkorn (1922-1993) took a dramatic turn away from his early work, exploring new vocabularies of both abstract and representational styles, which would come to be known as the artist's "Berkeley period." This era has long been recognized as one of the most interesting chapters in postwar American art, yielding many of Diebenkorn's best-known works. Richard Diebenkorn: The Berkeley Years, 1953-1966 examines Diebenkorn's process and output during this decisive period. Three original essays explore the artist's evolving conceptions of abstraction and representation, emphasizing the interrelationships between the abstract paintings and drawings and related landscapes, figurative works, and still lifes, as well as Diebenkorn's ongoing interest in aerial views. Featuring several significant works that have rarely been on view, as well as previously unpublished photographs from the Diebenkorn archives, this important publication is the first comprehensive look at this critical period

Doyle Library Call Number: N6537.D447 A4 2013


Richard Diebenkorn: Figurative Works on PaperRecent painting USA: the figure

Collected here for the first time are rarely seen and largely unpublished figurative drawings and paintings on paper that represent a period of exploration and innovation for Richard Diebenkorn (1922 1993). Perhaps the most renowned West Coast painter of the twentieth century, Diebenkorn alternated between the figurative and the abstract. These pieces, dating from roughly the mid-1950s to the late 1960s, not only display his facility with the human form but also how his famed Ocean Park paintings were influenced by these explorations. Published in conjunction with the John Berggruen Gallery, this revealing collection features 42 drawings, paintings, and gouaches. Beautifully reproduced on the page, this book fills a key gap in the literature of this premier American artist.

Doyle Library Call Number: N6537.D447 A4 2003


Alla prima: everything I know about painting Alla Prima: Everything I Know About Painting

Alla Prima - the teaching standard for classical painting instruction. This must have book offers to painters the wisdom and technical savvy of a lifetime. Writing as an acknowledged master, author Richard Schmid leads his reader gracefully through the fundamentals and subtleties of painting technique with refreshing clarity, authority and deep affection to all who strive for self-expression, regardless of skill level.

Doyle Library Call Number: ND1500 .S336 1999

Ideal and reality: the image of the body in 20th-century art from Bonnard to Warhol ; works on paper Ideal and Reality: The Image of the Body in 20th-Century Art from Bonnard to Warhol ; Works on Paper

A comprehensive survey of the image of the human body in 20th-century art, featuring drawings, gouaches, pastels, and watercolors by 200 artists. In the course of the 20th century, the body has become the focus of the conflict between norms and deviation, order and excess -- the symbol of a constantly changing concept of human beauty. Covering a broad segment of the history of art in our century, this book focuses on the tradition of figural representation and the artist's approach to the image of the nude human body. The selection provides not only a survey of the various approaches to the representation of the body in drawing, but also documents the erotic fascination with which artists have viewed the body. This fascination is evident in the early years of the century in powerful works by Klimt, Schiele, Rodin, and Matisse, in which the drawing came to represent the immediate expression of erotic desire. The successive phases of the modern era -- from Post-Impressionism, Symbolism, Expressionism, Neoclassicism, and New Objectivity to the figural work of artists on the fringe of the contemporary art scene -- reflect the stages in the evolutionary process that has changed the artists image of the body over the past 100 years.

Doyle Library Call Number: N7625.5 .I32 1998


Art class: a complete guide to painting Art Class: A Complete Guide to Painting

This book is filled with page after page of beautiful paintings and expert teaching. It is packed with ideas and inspirations, tools and techniques, photos and illustrations, as well as detailed instructions on working with media ranging from watercolor to acrylic to oil. With an entire section devoted to step-by-step demonstrations by renowned artists--where they reveal their personal secrets, tips, and methods--the book is like having an instructor guiding each and every brush stroke. Learn how to paint an eye or a portrait, a tree or an entire landscape, by following the many artist-led descriptions and full-page color spreads that illustrate the most basic to the most advanced painting techniques. Whether they work in gouache or watercolor, oil or pastel, aspiring or seasoned artists will find that this book offers everything they need to create successful paintings. Contains 500 color photographs and featured works of art, a visual glossary of the language and mechanics behind painting, and an extensive resource listing.

Doyle Library Call Number: NND1500 .A67 1999


The Artist's EyeThe artist's eye

In this book, the author demonstrates her method of direct painting in which the subject is divested of conventional understanding and seen, instead, simply as shapes, colours, and tones. These are painted as they appear to the field of vision, rather than to a fixed point of view. The hand then responds to what the eye sees and the gesture of the brush is an expression of feeling aroused by the perception. The subject matter is still life, which Shorr believes is most compatible with her method of painting, with the result that her work has a refreshing immediacy.

Doyle Library Call Number: ND1500 .S49 1990