More about "The Whale"

  • Monty Monty and Whale Sculpture at Doyle Library
  • Monty Monty and Whale Sculpture at Doyle Library
  • Monty Monty and Whale Sculpture at Doyle Library

Comments from the Artist

"The Whale" was created over a seven month period while I was also making other complimentary pieces like the “Brass Bass,” “Sword Fish,” and the “Sail Fish.” The Sail Fish is still part of the Motorola Collection in Chicago.

 I consider my art to be environmentalist sculpture.  The materials I use in much of my work may have otherwise been hauled to land fills or barged to the deep seas.

 I used an old rocking chair and chest of drawers in the Whale that will sometimes escape the viewers eye. I like this. I refer to many of the components as lost items of interest or vintage collectables.  I enjoy incorporating these forgotten treasures into the work using creative methods. I give new life to them. I do not weld. Over the course of the construction, the Whale claimed the lives of two hand held drills. I lost count of the number of nuts and bolts and screws involved, but there's a lot!
 I try to use relative objects that hold together a collective theme. The Whale is equipped with vintage fishing rods and gear. There is an antique thermos and an aluminum oar with a first aid kit aboard. There are valves and gauges as well and other items I will leave for the viewer to discover.

The sculpture once held a National Geographic plastic 45 record in it’s mouth titled, “Songs of the Humped Back Whale” that was located just below the microphone in the old record rack. The record was a unique collectable, but has since gone missing.

 When I am working, my thoughts run between Jules Verne and Rube Goldberg. I attempt to create a vintage quality within the work and refer to it as “Vintage Collectable Sculpture and Assemblage”.  I am very pleased that the Whale has found a port where Whale Watching can be enjoyed!

Thank you again for your interest and support! Thar she blows!

Artfully yours,
Monty Monty


About the Sculpture

"The Whale" is approximately  294" long x 98" tall x 36" wide. The assemblage wall piece was created in 1999 during an aquatic phase of the artist's work and is still one of his largest works to date. It consists of mixed media with a manual pulley system that operates the tail. The paddle fin and spout offer some movement as well, though this is not recommended without prior instruction. The piece was installed in the Motorola Next Level Building in Rohnert Park, CA where it was part of a private art collection from 1999 to 2006. When the company moved back east the work became part of the unique art collection at the Frank P. Doyle Library.

About the Artist

In his teens, Northern California artist Monty Monty began his study of art by enrolling in a correspondence art school. He continued his art studies through high school, then attended and graduated from Santa Rosa Junior College with a degree in Graphic Arts.

For over 20 years, Monty worked as a layout artist, a silkscreen printer, a darkroom technician and eventually as art director for several commercial printing companies. But in 2001, he left this work behind to focus on his passion of creating three-dimensional artworks and of creating new ways to look at beautiful old things. Today Monty is well known for his "vintage collectable sculpture and assemblage" creations. His work has been displayed in numerous museums and galleries, including those of the Sonoma County Museum, as well as in private collections.

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