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Still life in photographyStill Life in Photography

This volume surveys some of the innovative ways photographers have explored the traditional genre of still life from photography's earliest years to the present day. Still life has served as both a conventional and an experimental form during periods of significant aesthetic and technological change. Illustrating that here are nineteenth-century masterpieces by practitioners such as Hippolyte Bayard and Roger Fenton, twentieth-century examples that include the diverse styles of Baron Adolph de Meyer, Irving Penn, and Edward Weston, and a sampling of contemporary artists, some recalling styles from the past. The current revival of interest in the genre comes as the digital age is transforming the medium.

Doyle Library Call Number: TR656.5 .M375 2010


The photographer's eyeThe Photographer's Eye

Based on a landmark exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art in 1964, and originally published in 1966, the book has long been out of print. It is now available again to a new generation of photographers and lovers of photography in this duotone printing that closely follows the original. Szarkowski's compact text eloquently complements skillfully selected and sequenced groupings of 172 photographs drawn from the entire history and range of the medium. Celebrated works by such masters as Cartier-Bresson, Evans, Steichen, Strand, and Weston are juxtaposed with vernacular documents and even amateur snapshots to analyze the fundamental challenges and opportunities that all photographers have faced. Szarkowski, the legendary curator who worked at the Museum from 1962 to 1991, has published many influential books. But none more radically and succinctly demonstrates why--as U.S. News & World Report put it in 1990--"whether Americans know it or not," his thinking about photography "has become our thinking about photography."

Doyle Library Call Number: TR650 .S92 2007


Real World Digital Photography Real World Digital Photography

Once the domain of professional photographers and designers, digital photography is making inroads into businesses everywhere as prices drop and image quality rises. Whether you plan to use digital imagery for fine art, illustration, or documentation--in print or on the Web--Real World Digital Photography is your industrial-strength reference guide to this exciting and evolving technology. Written by two nationally recognized experts in digital imaging, the book is chock-full of hands-on production techniques designed specifically for working professionals. It also includes advice on how to choose a camera that fits your needs and your budget, a full-color portfolio that beautifully illustrates the creative potential of digital photography, and the accumulated wisdom of artists and others who use the technology in their daily work.

Mahoney Library Call Number: TR267 .M43 1999


Digital Image Creation: Insights into the New PhotographyDigital Image Creation: Insights into the New Photography

Now that photographs can be captured and processed on personal computers, digital photography has become an exciting new medium for artists and designers. Digital Image Creation offers an up-close-and-personal look at this popular art form by taking you inside the studios of award-winning digital photographers. Through a series of interviews and step-by-step examples, these artists share their secrets of image creation. Heavily illustrated with stunning, full-color images.

Doyle Library Call Number: TR267 .D54 1996

Design principlesDesign Principles

This book introduces readers to the use of design methodology in the creation of photographic images. In an age oversaturated with photographic imagery, this book demonstrates how design awareness can add a new level of depth to images. It guides readers through a comprehensive range of principles traditionally associated with design, including the use of line, shape, colour, space, texture, and light and demonstrates how these can be applied to photography. The author introduces readers to a more considered approach that can add dynamism and impact to photography, whatever the style or genre. Featured topics include basic design theory; the use of space; positional decisions; the elements of design; line; shape or form; space; texture; light; colour; pattern; rhythm; contrast; scale and proportion; abstraction; movement and flow; containment; emphasis and emotion; juxtaposition; incongruity; and mood and emotion.

Doyle Library Call Number: TR146 .W33 2010


Mastering Digital Photography and ImagingMastering Digital Photography and Imaging

Understanding all your options and getting the best possible results in digital photography can be daunting. What features should you look for in a digital camera? What accessories do you need? How do you capture the best possible images with your digital equipment--and make corrections when you don't? What are the advantages of RAW capture? How can you get consistently great prints? Peter K. Burian, coauthor of the best-selling National Geographic Photography Field Guide, has taken the digital plunge and lived to write about it. The result is a practical, accessible guide that demystifies the world of digital photography and imaging--a must-read whether you're a photography enthusiast making the leap to digital, a gadget lover looking for the latest technology, a novice photographer, or anybody who regularly works with images.

Mahoney Library Call Number: TR267 .B86 2004


The book of macrobiotics: the universal way of health, happiness, and peaceThe Book of Macrobiotics: The Universal Way of Health, Happiness, and Peace

This book is the passport to a new world of infinite understanding and adventure. It has been read, reread, studied, and treasured by hundreds of thousands of people seeking a clear, comprehensive approach to the problem of living in a world of endless change. Now, after nearly a decade, it has been revised and expanded to reflect refinements in Michio Kushi's teachings, as well as many new developments in the spread of macrobiotics in modern society. During this time, the Standard Macrobiotic Dietary approach has been simplified and broadened. Macrobiotic approaches to cancer, heart disease, and other degenerative diseases have evolved and expanded, as have basic home cares, and way of life recommendations.

Doyle Library Call Number: RM235 .K867 1986


California's utopian coloniesCalifornia's Utopian Colonies

Robert Hine's California Utopian Colonies was first published in 1953 by the Huntington Library, and since that time has been the standard work on the general subject of California's Utopian colonies, and a good introduction to many of the specific colonies, including San Diego's Theosophical establishment on Point Loma. There is also a brief account of the Little Landers Colony established at what is now San Ysidro. In a lengthy preface to the revised edition, Professor Hine has reviewed the literature on California Utopian communities since publication of the first edition. With this update, California's Utopian Colonies remains the best starting place for an inquiry into its subject.

Doyle Library Call Number: HX653 .H65 1966