It's Time

Papers and projects are looming. It's time to get after it!


Or a warm beverage of choice or a snack or some music and get into the zone. Or maybe grab some noise-cancelling headphones from the Tech Gear desk at either library.

Find your assignment requirements and give them a read. Like really read them. What type of information do you need to complete the paper or project? Images, scholarly articles, books, web sites?

Start with an easy-to-read article on your topic from Gale or Sage. These get your brain ready to tackle bigger concepts and may give you a writing hook or two.

Get all sorts of help on starting papers, deciding on topics, finding sources, citing sources and more.

We're not talking a quick Google search. We're talking getting into it with college-level research sources. The kind of sources that make you shine like an academic star. Or be efficient and use Smart Search to search across everything at once.

Set a timer for 30 minutes and gather as many sources as you can in that time. Hint: most databases allow you to save articles to Google Drive.

Set the timer again for 30 minutes and read through all your sources while taking notes. Repeat the searching and reading cycle if necessary (and it will be necessary!).

Friends, let's not get carried away and forget to stretch, take a lap around the room, or get outside for a few minutes.

Book a group study room for you and your friends and start writing that paper. Challenge each other to get three pages written before you can get chatty.

Bibliographies can be tough, let's be honest. Plan ahead by using NoodleTools to format and save all of your citations.