The Gardens of Alcatraz (Mahoney Gallery)

Herold Mahoney Library Gallery

The Mahoney Library Gallery is pleased to present 31 pieces from the Alcatraz Florilegium created by artists of the Northern California Society of Botanical Artists. The collection was created in collaboration with the Garden Conservancy and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy to create a florilegium, or series of botanical drawings and paintings to document the Gardens of Alcatraz. Fifty-nine pieces are currently in the collection with thirty-one represented in the Mahoney Library gallery exhibit. The other pieces are on display virtually at the Northern California Society of Botanical Artists website:

The Northern California Society of Botanical Artists is an association dedicated to supporting botanical artists. Join the SRJC art community during the artist's reception to meet many of the artists and hear about their inspiration and techniques.

Exhibit Dates

April 9 - July 26, 2015

Artist Reception

April 23, 4 - 6 pm

Gallery Information

Mahoney Library Gallery
680 Sonoma Mountain Parkway

Monday-Thursday: 7:45AM-7PM
Friday: 9AM-1PM
Saturday: 10AM-2PM
Sunday: Closed

This exhibit is free to the public. A $4.00 parking permit is required in campus lots.

Gallery Mission and Past Exhibits

Echeveria by Elizabeth Petyon
Elizabeth Peyton, "Echeveria" 2013