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SRJC Libraries Staff

Name Area Phone Web Page
Avasthi, Smita Public Services Librarian - Santa Rosa (707) 524-1839 Smita Avasthi
Boies, Brian Reference/LIR10    
Camargo, Yadira Access Services, Reserves, Media - Petaluma (707) 778-4151  
Crawford, Canon Public Services Librarian - Santa Rosa (707) 527-4904 Canon Crawford
Cunningham, Sheila Reference/LIR10   Sheila Cunningham
DaCosta, Jorge Technical Services (707) 527-4555  
Daniels, Erin Electronic Services Librarian (707) 527-4773  
Darling, Felicia Department Chair    
Dolan, Mary Reference/LIR10    
Duran, Jason Reference/LIR10    
Esparza, Loretta Public Services Librarian - Petaluma (707) 778-3972 Loretta Esparza
Graves, Alicia Reference/LIR10    
Harris, Jessica Public Services Librarian - Petaluma (707) 778-2425 Jessica Harris
Janetvilay, Boutsaba Reference/LIR10   Boutsaba Janetvilay
Lange, Sami Reference/LIR10   Sami Lange
Malaise, Amy Technical Services, Archives (707) 521-6080  
Malvino, Shauna Administration (707) 524-1612  
Miller, Eve Technical Services Librarian (707) 527-4544 Eve Miller
Orozco, Cynthia Reference/LIR10    
O'Toole, Anne Access Services (707)527-4553  
Oxford, Mary-Catherine Dean, LRET (707)527-4392  
Parmenter, Robert Reference/LIR10    
Persons, Nancy Public Services Librarian - Santa Rosa (707) 521-6902 Nancy Persons
Peterson, Bob Acquisitions (707) 524-1561  
Prime, Lynn Reference/LIR10    
Rau, David Access Services & Reserves - Petaluma (707) 778-3973 David Rau
Renfrow, Debbi Reference/LIR10    
Ryberg, Lena Periodicals and Interlibrary Loan (707) 527-4543  
Smith, Katrina Media Librarian & Reference/LIR10 (707) 521-7927  
Stoddard, Rebecca Reference/LIR10   Rebecca Stoddard
Stuart, Erin Reference/LIR10    
Thornley, Kathy Reference/LIR10   Kathy Thornley
Usina, Phyllis Public Services Librarian - Santa Rosa (707) 527-4547 Phyllis Usina
Vance, Saralyn Access Services, Tech Gear (707) 521-6067  
Williams, Shannon Reference/LIR10    
Zuckerman, Dustin Access Services (707) 521-6074