Library Contacts

Contact Phone For questions about...
Research Desk Doyle Library: (707) 527-4548
Mahoney Library: (707) 778-3975
Library research
Interlibrary loan requests
Circulation Desk Doyle Library: (707) 527-4550
Mahoney Library: (707) 778-3974
The status of library books
overdue books, fines, and bills
Reserve Desk Doyle Library: (707) 527-4758
Mahoney Library: (707) 778-3974
Books on reserve
Placing items on reserve (faculty only)
Tech Gear Desk Doyle Library: (707) 521-6073
Mahoney Library: (707) 778-3974
Laptop, ipad, headphone, and other gear checkout
Printing help
Interlibrary Loan Department (707) 527-4543 Renewing items from other libraries
Interlibrary loan requests
Acquisitions Department (707) 524-1561 A faculty or department book order
Donating books
Periodicals Department (707) 527-4543 A faculty or department periodical order
Media Services Department Doyle Library: (707) 527-4261
Mahoney Library: (707) 778-3985
Nonprint media collections
scheduling media materials, equipment, or off-air taping (faculty only)
Library Administration Office (707) 527-4391 The Library Department
Library Hours Recording Doyle Library: (707) 527-4549
Mahoney Library: (707) 778-3974
Current hours of operation