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What are 'Textbooks on Reserve'?

Course Reserves are course-related materials (primarily textbooks) made available through the Santa Rosa Junior College Library. Instructors may ask the library to keep a copy of the class textbook in Course Reserves to ensure that their students have access to the material.

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If it is textbooks, why not just call it 'Textbooks'?

“Course Reserves” is a library term used in academic libraries. The books are “reserved” by the instructor for the students in their course or class. The term, “Reserve Desk,” is used on the sign above our desk at Doyle on the fourth floor. At Mahoney, course reserve materials are at the 1st floor Circulation Desk.


What’s in it for you?

Sometimes, students can’t afford the textbooks they need. For students who can do their work at the library (since most Course Reserve books can’t leave the library) this option has been a real life-saver! If a student owns the text, but has forgotten it, they can use the textbook at Course Reserves.

If a student doesn’t like lugging around all of their textbooks every day, they can use the “Course Reserves” copy when they’re in the library. You get the idea…


Why doesn’t everyone use this service?

Some students like to buy all of their books, and highlight them. Since the books in Course Reserves are “shared” books, no highlighting is allowed. Also, most of the books have a check-out period of two hours and cannot leave the library. There are some students who, because of a job plus classes, can only study late at night or on weekends. While some of the books can check out overnight, that is not usually the case. Please check the library hours to see if it will work for you!


A 2-hour checkout doesn't seem very convenient...

Yes, we hear you, but please keep in mind, entire classes are sharing these books. Some of the texts, especially math books, are very popular. If any student is not done with the book they have checked out, they may bring it back to the desk and check it out for another two hours (as long as another student is not waiting for it.) This can even happen a second time, if need be. 1-day or 3-day items may not be renewed to give other students a chance to use them. They can be checked out again after a 24-hour period.


Sounds too good to be true!

This is the hidden gem of an academic library! It is worth noting that borrowers at this desk must be enrolled students and must have their student ID card in order to check out materials from the Reserve Desk.

If a student keeps the book past the “time due,” that student is not allowing their classmates access to the book. Because these books are in high demand, the overdue fines are higher.

  • two hour and four hour items: $1 per hour per item; Max $10.00 per day per item
  • one day and three day items: $2.50 per day per item
  • The maximum overdue fine is $150.00 per item and replacement cost for Reserve books/materials is $250.00 per item

2 hour library use only and 4 hour materials must be returned to the desk from which they were checked out to avoid overdue fines. Overnight material can be returned in one of the library’s book drops.

Finding Course Reserves

Check the SRJC Library catalog: Search by instructor or course to see a list of the materials that your instructor has placed on reserve for your class. If you can’t find a textbook under your instructor’s name or course, please search by title. Write down the call number(s) for items you need and take them to the Reserve Desk.

If you need help finding the call number, stop by the Research Desk and we will help you find it. You may also stop by the “Reserve Desk” and ask. We are here to help!!


Borrowing Privileges

Current SRJC students, faculty, and staff members may borrow textbooks and other course materials from Course Reserves with a currently validated SRJC ID card.

Info For Faculty

Doyle Library Course Reserves
(707) 527-4758

Mahoney Library Course Reserves
(707) 778-3974

Reserves: Add Items

Reserves: Remove Items


Fill out the forms above for items you would like to add or remove from reserves. If you wish to place personal copies of books or articles on reserve, your copy will be returned to you when they are taken off reserve.

Almost anything you'd like your students to read or use can be placed on reserve. Reserve items are given shorter borrowing periods so that everyone in your class gets a chance to use them. You determine the loan period when you place an item on reserve for your class. There are four options:
  • Two hour - Library use only
  • Four hour - May be taken out of the Library
  • One day - Due the following day before Library closes
  • Three day - Due on the third day before the Library closes

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