Textbooks on Reserve

When an instructor wants everyone in the class to read the same items, the instructor might put the items "on reserve" in one of the College libraries during the semester that the course is taught. Reserve items are given shorter borrowing periods than other books so that everyone in the class gets a chance to use them.

Items placed on reserve can include books, study guides, answer keys, magazine and newspaper articles, copies of past exams, or just about anything else an instructor wants everyone to read or use. You'll even find collections of rocks on reserve for geology classes.

The Reserve Desk

The Doyle Library Reserve Desk is on the fourth floor. Reserve items at the Mahoney Library are kept at the Circulation Desk near the entrance to the front doors of the Library.

Reserve Loan Times

Many items on reserve are designated two hour "Library use only," which means that they can only be used inside the buildings. Others might be available for four hours or sometimes one day or three day time period. Instructors decide the duration of the borrowing period.

Reserve items may be checked out up to three times in a row if no one else is waiting for them. After that, you may not check them out again for one to two days to give others a chance to use them. Reserve materials are typically in high demand and may not be held or reserved for an individual student. If an item is checked out to another student at the time you request it and you want to be the next student allowed to use it, you'll need to check back at frequent intervals should the item you need be returned early.

Fines for Overdue Reserve Materials

Reserve materials must be returned to the desk from which they were checked out. Because these materials are typically in high demand, materials that are not returned on time will accrue overdue fines that are higher than those for other library books:

  • two hour and four hour items: $1 per hour per item
  • one day and three day items: $2.50 per day per item; maximum overdue fine is $150.00

Finding Course Reserves

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Check the SRJC Library catalog: Click the tab labeled "Course Reserves." Search by instructor or course to see a list of the materials that your instructor has placed on reserve for your class. Write down the call number(s) for items you need and take them to the Reserve Desk.

Borrowing Privileges

Current SRJC students, faculty, and staff members may borrow textbooks and other course materials from Course Reserves with a currently validated SRJC ID card.

Info For Faculty

Doyle Library Course Reserves
(707) 527-4758

Mahoney Library Course Reserves
(707) 778-3974

Reserve Request Form


Download this form and fill out the top part for each item you'd like to place on reserve. Bring it with your item(s) to the Reserve Desk at either campus library. If you wish to place personal copies of books or articles on reserve, your copy will be returned to you when they are taken off reserve.

Almost anything you'd like your students to read or use can be placed on reserve. Reserve items are given shorter borrowing periods so that everyone in your class gets a chance to use them. You determine the loan period when you place an item on reserve for your class. There are four options:
  • Two hour - Library use only
  • Four hour - May be taken out of the Library
  • One day - Due in 24 hours
  • Three day - Due in 72 hours

You can check Smart Search to see if the library has the items you wish to reserve. If not, please check with the publisher first to see if they offer free copies to instructors. If the publisher is unable to provide a copy, you are welcome to contact the Acquisitions Department to see if copies can be ordered, or submit an online purchase request.

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