New Search Interface

Smart Search (SRJC Libraries’ search and discovery tool) will be getting a new look in January 2020 and there are some important changes we want to share with you.

The changes include:

  • A new, updated search interface for Smart Search.  It will still function by searching across multiple collections and formats, but the user experience will change due to software migration.
  • Improved library account management: Library accounts will be integrated with the campus single sign on system. 

Will I need to make any changes to my course materials?

Yes, if you have permalinks from the current version of Smart Search in your course materials, those will need to be updated once our new interface is available. The new interface will officially go live over winter break. Here are directions for updating permalinks

Also, if you have used the external tool called ‘Curriculum Builder’ in your Canvas courses, please be advised that any reading lists made with this tool will be retired with the older Smart Search interface.

What will the new interface look like?

Here's a preview:

screenshot of new smart search interface

You can also get a preview of the new search system by looking at any CSU library’s search tool, for example Sonoma State University Library or Sacramento State University Library. SRJC’s Smart Search will be using the same technology.

Thank you for your patience during this upgrade. We are very excited to be joining 112 other California Community Colleges, as well as the CSU’s, with this new interface, so that we can provide a common user experience for our students across the state. 


Please feel free to contact your library liaison if you have concerns or questions. More details will be provided throughout December and January.