Pepperwood Preserve: Paintings by Marsha Connell (Mahoney Gallery)

Herold Mahoney Library Gallery

Marsha Connell was nurtured in her love for art, nature, and learning by her grandfather, Samuel Riss, watercolor painter and Renaissance farmer in Upstate New York. She expresses this legacy in her passion for the environment, and through drawing and painting en plein air. This exhibit features her work at the SRJC Pepperwood Preserve.

Exhibit Dates

January 15 - March 26, 2015


Marsha Connell and Shawn Brumbaugh
February 2, Noon - 1 pm

Gallery Information

Mahoney Library Gallery
680 Sonoma Mountain Parkway

Monday-Thursday: 7:45AM-7PM
Friday: 9AM-1PM
Saturday: 10AM-2PM
Sunday: Closed

This exhibit is free to the public. A $4.00 parking permit is required in campus lots.

Gallery Mission and Past Exhibits

Dissolve by Marsha Connell
Marsha Connell, "Dissolve - Three Tree Hill"