Printing and Photocopying

In Doyle Library there are Print and Copy Centers on each floor. In Mahoney Library the Print and Copy Center is located on the first floor. Black and white prints and photocopies costs $0.10 per page. Color prints cost $0.35.

Ways to Pay

SRJC uses GoPrint as its pay-for-print system in the libraries. This system allows you to pay from an online account, or by purchasing a print card. At Doyle Library, if you pay from an online account, you can send your documents to any Print and Copy Center in the library. You can print with a GoPrint card on any floor as well as use your online account. 

How to Add Value to Your GoPrint Online Account:

1. Click on the GoPrint icon on the desktop or select Print.
2. On the GoPrint screen, log in with your Student ID and PIN Code.
3. Click Add Value then enter an amount between $5.00 - $25.00.
4. Enter your credit/debit card information.

How to Purchase a Print Card:

You may purchase a print card at the vending machine that is located in the second floor Print and Copy Center at Doyle Library, or in the Print and Copy Center at Mahoney Library (located on the first floor). Instructions are on the front of the machine. Print cards cost $1 and are initially loaded with $1 for immediate use.

Printing From the Library Computers

At a library computer:

1. Select Print. Then on the GoPrint screen, log in with your Student ID and PIN Code. You may add value to your online account by clicking on the Add Value option.
2. Check the box next to the documents you would like to print.
3. Click Pay at Station to send the print job to a Copy Center.
4. Close the GoPrint screen when you have finished.

Proceed to a Print and Copy Center:

5. Log into the release station with your Student ID and PIN Code.
6. Highlight the print job(s) that you want to print.
7. Click Next Purse in the upper right corner of the monitor to select payment method: Account Credit (this is your Online Account) or Print Card to select payment method.
8. Click Continue then select Pay & Print to print your document.

Please note: Color printing at Doyle Library is currently only available at the second floor Print and Copy Center. You can send your document to the color printer from any computer on any floor, but need to go to the release station on the second floor in order to print.


All black and white printing and photocopying in the libraries costs $0.10 per page. Each Print and Copy Center has a black and white photocopy machine. No color photocopier is available. Photocopiers will accept coins, one dollar bills, and print cards. In addition, there is a photocopier on the second floor of the Mahoney Library, along the east wall, just past the Periodicals service desk.