Computers, Laptops, and Internet Access

Computers at the SRJC Libraries are provided to support education and learning at the College. This includes doing research for class work, preparing and printing class assignments, using class Web pages and discussion forums, e-mailing instructors, and other related activities. Computer users are bound by the SRJC Computer and Communications Technology Use Policy.

About Library Computers and Laptops

You are encouraged to e-mail documents to yourself or to use a USB storage device, such as a flash drive. 


Out of courtesy to other library users, please use headphones if you are viewing Web sites or using software that uses music sound. At Doyle Library, headphones can be checked out at the Tech Gear Desk on the 2nd floor or the Reserve Desk on the 4th floor. At Mahoney Library, headphones can be checked out at the Circulation Desk.

Disability Workstations

Doyle Library Second Floor Floorplan Students should be trained by the SRJC Disability Resources Department to use this equipment and software. Once you have been trained, you will be issued an ID card to present to library staff. Students must provide their own headphones for disability workstations. The Disability Resources Department will tell you which kind to buy.

Computer Software Available in the Library

Microsoft Office 2013 Suite
Excel 2013
OneNote 2013
PowerPoint 2013
Publisher 2013
Word 2013

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Acrobat Distiller
Adobe Acrobat Pro
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Bridge CC
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop

About Library Internet Access

Student at Computer Workstation All computer workstations in the libraries are connected to the Internet. The libraries also offer wireless Internet access via the circulating laptops. You can also access the wireless via your own laptop or hand held device. Members of the public who have a Community User account may use computers on the second and fourth floors.

Using Your Own Wireless Laptop in the Libraries

You may access the Internet from your own wireless laptop inside both the Doyle and the Mahoney Libraries and outside, immediately surrounding the library buildings. Wireless setup and troubleshooting instructions are provided by the SRJC Information Technology Department

To use this service, you must know how to use your own laptop's wireless access and you must be able to read and follow the instructions provided by the Information Technology Department. Library staff will not be able to provide technical assistance with your computer.

If you are unable to configure your own laptop for use with the SRJC wireless system, you can always check out a laptop at the Circulation Desk. These laptops are already set up for in-house wireless access.


Currently enrolled SRJC students and staff with current SRJC ID cards are eligible to check out laptops for a three-hour period that may be renewed if no one is waiting. Laptops have either two batteries (longer battery life during the loan period) or one battery and a CD/DVD drive. Usage is limited to inside the libraries. The overdue fine for laptops is $10/hour; the replacement fee is $2,500. The borrower is solely responsible for the laptop during check out period, including damage, loss or theft.


Calculators may be borrowed from the Circulation Desks at both libraries.

SRJC Library Login FAQ

SRJC library users are required to sign in with a Santa Rosa Junior College ID and Personal Information Number (PIN) to access library resources. Users need to sign in at the beginning of every computer session and restart the computer when finished to protect account privacy.

Residents of Sonoma County, 16 years or older, who are not currently enrolled at SRJC, may apply for a Community User account which offers one-hour of library computer use daily. Community User access to the computers occurs by Student ID (SID) number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) Code. In order to obtain a Community User account, eligible patrons must present a current, valid form of government-issued photo identification that indicates residency in Sonoma County and must have an active email address.

To apply for a Community User account, visit the Circulation Desk at Doyle Library, or the Circulation Desk at Mahoney Library to receive assistance in obtaining an account. You may be asked to fill out an online application form, which will allow you to obtain an SID number and PIN code.

Following a request by Associated Students for improved access to library resources, the College has taken this measure to ensure students have access to library materials and resources. Community access is being preserved, but on a limited basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the computers in the libraries?
You are required to use your SID (Student Identification number) & your PIN (Personal Identification Number) to access the computers.  If you are currently enrolled or have enrolled in the past, or are SRJC Faculty/Staff, you already have a SID & PIN. If you need help retrieving your SID and PIN, go to a public service desk and ask for assistance.

I have a Community User account but what if I can't remember the e-mail address I used when it was set up?
The library does not have access to your email account, and is therefore unable to help you recover your e-mail login information. If the e-mail address on record is not accessible to you because you have forgotten your e-mail user name or password, you must go to Admissions and Records to update your account with a current, active e-mail address.

What if I am a currently enrolled SRJC student?
Login using your SID and PIN. 

What if I am not a currently enrolled SRJC student?
Please go to a public service desk for assistance. You will be granted limited access as a community user for one hour a day. 

How do I look up my SID & PIN?
Access the SRJC Web portals from the SRJC main page: – follow the links of the left side of the screen to retrieve your SID & PIN.  If you do not have an email address or your email address currently on file is not correct, please contact the Admissions and Records Office at the Santa Rosa or Petaluma campus in person for assistance. Please bring photo ID.

What if I am not a currently enrolled SRJC student, but I have a Gold Card, or am Alumni member, or I am enrolled at SSU?
You may login to the computers just like any currently enrolled student. Please see a library staff member the first time you would like to use the computers for your access to be granted. 

What if I am a current SRJC employee, Faculty/Management/Classified/STNC/Student?
Login using your SID and PIN. If you aren’t sure you have one go to a public service desk for assistance.

My SID or PIN isn’t letting me logon to the computers.  What do I do?
Verify that you are typing in your information correctly.  Try to logon to the portal via  Still need help? Go to a public service desk for assistance.

I just reset my PIN on the portal, but I can’t login to the computers in the library. What should I do?
Go to a public service desk for further assistance.