Giving to SRJC Libraries

Santa Rosa Junior College is committed to sustaining vital and innovative programs for student learning and development. Charitable contributions play an important role in ensuring that collections and programs remain dynamic, relevant and strong.


The SRJC Libraries provide students with a complete learning infrastructure designed to promote academic success. Through varied learning environments, access to technology and dynamic resources, students obtain what they need to learn.

  • The libraries are the most heavily used instructional spaces at the college—nearly 810,000 visits a year
  • Library book collections contain 154,000 print titles and more than 209,000 e-books
  • There are 40 electronic databases covering a vast array of subjects that students can access
  • Students enjoy varied study areas from grand reading rooms to collaborative study spaces


At the SRJC Libraries, knowledge exploration is central to student learning. Students use a dynamic interplay of innovative research tools and media-rich resources to find information in support of their class study.

  • Students used over 236,000 e-resources, videos, and other rich media from the library collections
  • Over 970,000 online research sessions led students to high quality academic database resources
  • Students generated nearly 2 million website pageviews accessing library guides and other online resources for information closely correlated to the college curriculum
  • A variety of information technologies are available for student use


Carefully selected collections of both traditional and cutting-edge materials, plus excellent services designed to extend learning beyond the library's walls allow students to excel at SRJC and beyond. SRJC students rely on their libraries to teach them how to use information effectively and efficiently.

  • 6,300 students took part in instructional sessions designed to improve their academic research
  • Librarians fielded 33,000 in person and online student research questions
  • 2,000 students attended semester long information literacy classes
  • The library extended its reach to 15,000 students via mobile devices


Our students depend upon the library to provide access to the latest ideas and information. This costs money, and State budget cuts have threatened our ability to serve our students. Please consider a donation to one of the following:

Click Here to Make a Gift Online

Frank P. Doyle Library Endowment: All funds will be used to purchase library materials that directly support student learning.

Herold Mahoney Library Endowment: All funds support book, journal, database, and rich media purchases, providing core resources for student learning.

Art in the Libraries Endowment: All funds support fine art activities at both libraries, including rotating exhibits at the Mahoney Library.

Through the Santa Rosa Junior College Foundation these endowments help support the collections and the information services of the SRJC Libraries for future generations and are at the core of the Santa Rosa Junior College mission. Contributions of any size are welcome. Donors who make gifts or pledges of $1,000 or more will have their names placed on a prominent donor wall in the library. There are also various naming opportunities, such as group study rooms and study alcoves throughout the building, ranging from $10,000 to $250,000. Gifts may be pledged over time, up to five years. SRJC faculty and staff may pledge donations through Voluntary Payroll Deduction.

Book Donations

While we greatly appreciate the generosity of people wishing to donate materials to the Santa Rosa Junior College Libraries, we have a limited ability to accept unsolicited gifts of books, periodicals, films, manuscripts, and other materials. The Library is therefore unable to accept all offered gift materials.  

Upon receipt, the donation becomes the property of the Santa Rosa Junior College library. Donations are presumed to be given without any condition.  The library assumes the right to determine what becomes of the books and materials.  Books donated to the Library that are deemed appropriate for the SRJC Libraries Collections will be processed, as time is available.  Books and materials not used by the library will be sold and the proceeds used to buy books and materials that benefit our students.  Delivery of gifts should be made only with prior arrangement. Thank you so much for considering donating to the SRJC Libraries.

Donation Contact: Bob Peterson (