Art at SRJC Libraries

Santa Rosa Junior College is known for its outstanding art department. Much pride is taken in the quality of instruction and the breadth of courses offered. The full-time faculty, complemented by an array of adjunct instructors, brings a diversity of skills that find expression both inside and outside of the classroom. Our staff has exhibited its collective work throughout the world. Their collaboration with our students enriches the entire campus community.


The Doyle Collection

benicia by Linda Grebmeier
Cargo Ship at Benicia Arsenal by Linda Grebmeier


The Doyle Library is home to a permanent collection of art works by faculty and staff members past and present. The interior of this building, built with funds provided by the residents of Sonoma County, via a bond measure, is well suited for exhibiting art, paintings in particular. The abundance of natural light, the large expanses of wall space and the over-all design give opportunity to showcase the various talents of those who teach, create and have contributed to SRJC in various ways.

The Mahoney Collection

Deconstruct by Heather Patterson
Deconstruct by Heather Patterson


The Mahoney Library is home to a fantastic permanent collection of art works that highlights a diversity of work as well as the natural beauty of the space within Mahoney Library. The works of art are located on both floors of the Mahoney Library. Mahoney Library also has a rich history of past gallery shows from the Mahoney Gallery.

Art Talk

Street Altar by Donna Larsen
Street Altar by Donna Larsen


Art Talk is an online video gallery of interviews with artists showcased in the Doyle Collection located on the 3rd and 4th floors of Doyle Library. Over 100 videos convey the experiences, inspirations and techniques of the artists.