The Mahoney Collection

The Mahoney Library is home to a fantastic permanent collection of art works that highlights a diversity of work as well as the natural beauty of the space within Mahoney Library. The collection was curated by librarian Sami Lange over a number of years. The works of art are located on both floors of the Mahoney Library. Mahoney Library also has a rich history of past gallery shows from the Mahoney Gallery.



The Collection

Caddie by Nathan Haenlein


Nathan Haenlein
Deconstruct by Heather Patterson


Heather Patterson
Lado a Lado #2 by Bob and Lynda Nugent

Lado a Lado #2

Bob and Lynda Nugent
Macapa by Bob Nugent


Bob Nugent
Obidas by Bob Nugent


Bob Nugent
Pond in Bloom 3 by Marsha Connell

Pond in Bloom 3

Marsha Connell
Pond in Bloom 4 by Marsha Connell

Pond in Bloom 4

Marsha Connell
Row the Boat Ashore by Brett Grunig

Row the Boat Ashore

Brett Grunig
Tall Zine House by Nicolas Van Krijdt

Tall Zinc House

Nicolas Van Krijdt
Traveler's Rest Diner by DA Bishop

Traveler's Rest Diner

DA Bishop
Untitled by Adriana Breisch

Untitled (Breisch)

Adriana Breisch
Virginia Bluebells by Hanna Skoonberg

Virginia Bluebells

Hanna Skoonberg
Opening Slowly by Claudia McCain

Opening Slowly

Claudia McCain