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Bodega Head by Bill Shelley

Gorgeous, right? Find this painting and much more in our stunning, local art collections.

 The Doyle Collection
 Mahoney Gallery
 Art Talk


Intensive Philosophy and Virtual Science Book Cover

Intensive Philosophy and Virtual Science

"As well as contemporary philosophical insights, the book also tackles new developments in geometry, complexity theory and chaos theory to bring new insights to our understanding of a scientific knowledge..."

Book Cover Sotatsu


"Features Sōtatsu's gold-and-silver paintings: The interaction between painting and calligraphy; Sotatsu and Toshichiro: The floating fans screens in the Imperial Collections; Miraculous Waters: Expression and meaning in the waves at Matsushima and more..."

Book Cover A Most Elegant Equation

A Most Elegant Equation

"Bertrand Russell wrote that mathematics can exalt "as surely as poetry." This is especially true of one equation: ei(pi) + 1 = 0, the brainchild of Leonhard Euler, the Mozart of mathematics. More than two centuries after Euler's death, it is still regarded as a conceptual diamond of unsurpassed beauty..."