LIR Courses / Credit By Exam

Credit Courses

The Library Department currently offers the following course in research techniques and information literacy skills:

LIR 10 - Introduction to Information Literacy

Numerous sections are offered, and classes are available at both the Santa Rosa and the Petaluma campuses, as well as online. The course meets the SRJC Area I information literacy graduation requirement and is required for many majors.

It is recommended students enroll early in their academic careers. The course is designed to help students succeed with academic research strategies and using resources.

Student Learning Outcomes are to:

1. Identify and evaluate relevant and credible research sources representative of the evolving information landscape.
2. Responsibly produce research using relevant and credible research sources representative of the evolving information landscape.

For more information about this course, see SRJC's online Schedule of Classes under "Library and Information Resources."


Credit By Exam for GE Requirement - Area I: Information Literacy

As per the Academic Senate’s resolution, the Department also offers a credit by exam challenge test.

To take the challenge exam you must:

  • be registered for credit courses and in good standing.
  • apply to take the exam when it is available in the Schedule of Classes.
  • pay the non-refundable registration fee for 1 unit.

The exam is generally offered twice a semester. The exam is limited to 29 seats, so apply early. The challenge exam includes multiple choice, short answer and demonstrated skill questions involving library and research concepts and online research.

  • You should bring a scantron card and pencils.
  • A score of 70% is passing for a majors' requirement. A score of 60% is required for the Area I requirement. Check to see which one you need.
  • You may only take the exam twice.
  • If you pass, you will receive CR/NC or a letter grade.
  • If you pass, you will receive 1 unit credit

The test is given early in the semester to allow you to register for courses if you do not pass.

Need more information? See the Frequently Asked Questions below. For additional research and citation information, visit these Library Research Guides.


Credit By Exam Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about the test.

How do I sign up for the class?

You enroll online as if you were enrolling for a face to face or online class.

What do I need to study for the test?

Credit by exam is offered to those students who already know what is presented in the course. You should look at the content located in the course outline information for LIR 10 on the College homepage under Academics. The assumption is that you already know the course content. If there is a topic about information literacy that you need to review, refer to these Library Research Guides.

What is on the test?

The test covers all the topics on the course outline of record (see answer above).

What is the test format?

There are 30-40 multiple choice question, 10-15 fill-in answers, and a practical section where you will research a given topic.

Will I need the entire 3 hours?

The amount of time required varies according to your knowledge and test taking ability.

How is the test graded?

The test is graded according to very specific criteria. Most answers do not allow partial credit. Be careful, concise and complete in your answers. Read the question completely before you answer.

What happens to my grade if I take the test?

Your record will reflect your credit by exam. If you elect to take the exam on a pass/fail basis, a "Pass" or "No Pass" will appear on your transcript. If you take the exam for a grade, the grade you earned will appear in your transcript, and will affect your GPA. The grade will also indicate that you received the credit by exam, rather than by taking the course. You must obtain a C/70 to fulfill the Area I graduation requirement.

If I don’t pass can I take it again?

You have two attempts to pass the exam. Each attempt counts as if you have taken a class section. If you do not pass it twice, you will need to petition A&R to take the class before trying again.

Can I take the exam if I am registered for a section of LIR 10?

No. Students cannot concurrently be enrolled in LIR 10 AND the Credit By Exam.

How many students pass?

On the average, about fifty per cent of students pass. It does vary.

Why don’t you offer the exam more often?

Needless to say, there is prep and cost involved in giving the exam. We schedule it early in the semester so that students can register for a class section of LIR 10 as well. The second exam is given to accommodate additional students. We recommend registering for a section of LIR 10 if you are not sure of the course material.